Managing teams under pressure

Right now the pressure is on. I’m sparing you the details of my to-do list. At times that pressure helps to focus, but at other moments it feels overwhelming. My trick for focusing is to turn off all notifications: Email, slack, twitter, Instagram. I let my boss know that I’m offline and give him one … Read moreManaging teams under pressure

Not interested in teaching digital skills

The past 11 months I have been researching digital skills and skills necessary to work in a data-driven environment. Specifically, what do business schools do to make sure that their students possess these skills? I used several data sources to answer that question. These three books were extremely helpful during the research: The Text mining … Read moreNot interested in teaching digital skills

The underwear of data science

For those who follow my research series, yes, I’m still analzying academic vacancies for an upcoming conference, but it takes far too long to run the ERGM model, so in frustration I’ doing something simpler until I found a way to do what I wanted to do. I’m most probably going to focus on Dutch … Read moreThe underwear of data science

Do academic vacancies change over time?

The changing nature of work A lot of discussion is happening about how work is changing. Digital tools are becoming increasingly present. Employees need digital skills in order to get their work done. The definition of digital skills is evolving together with the opportunities and challenges digital skills provide. It began with digital skills referring … Read moreDo academic vacancies change over time?

What is Learning?

Have you ever wondered what learning is and how to measure if it happened sufficiently? You might. But if you didn’t, don’t worry. It’s one of those ubiquitous things in life that just ‘is’. However in specific circumstances it is important to know what learning is. A definition of what learning is and is not, … Read moreWhat is Learning?

What is the mission of universities?

Some time ago, I had a chat with a co-worker. His lecture contract ends this year. The department is happy with his performance. He is happy teaching, even though he has a very high teaching load. His performance is great, he is satisfied with his job. Only one factor, unrelated to productivity, is the cause … Read moreWhat is the mission of universities?

Types of Social Networks

I’m co-teaching the course Culture, Engagement, and Connectivity in the master Learning of Organization offered by the school of education and public policy at Northwestern’s University. For the virtual office hour I have been asked about what other social networks exists, those that do not involve humans. While my expertise is within human social networks, … Read moreTypes of Social Networks

About Jerks and Negative Nancies at Work

Uber, the hail riding company, has been criticized for its culture and leadership style. Often the negative anecdotes I hear about working at US companies center around the benefits and performance focus, it’s often the interpersonal relationships that have more far stretching consequences, as Uber helps to illustrate. Working at a performance drive company is … Read moreAbout Jerks and Negative Nancies at Work

How to Teach the Unknown

The slides are available via slideshare. On June 1st I was invited to speak as a panel member at the LELLE conference. The conference was part of the EU funded research project ‘Let’s learn to Learn’ . I titled my talk “How to teach the unknown“. A bit of a mouthful. I introduced the talk … Read moreHow to Teach the Unknown

Social Network Theories

I have often been confronted by colleagues with the argument that social network analysis is only a method. Over time I became more annoyed with that point. Social network analysis goes beyond this. Yes, it is a method, but it is also a perspective, a framework, with which the world can be analyzed. To underline … Read moreSocial Network Theories