Not interested in teaching digital skills

The past 11 months I have been researching digital skills and skills necessary to work in a data-driven environment. Specifically, what do business schools do to make sure that their students possess these skills? I used several data sources to answer that question. These three books were extremely helpful during the research: The Text mining … Read moreNot interested in teaching digital skills

The underwear of data science

For those who follow my research series, yes, I’m still analzying academic vacancies for an upcoming conference, but it takes far too long to run the ERGM model, so in frustration I’ doing something simpler until I found a way to do what I wanted to do. I’m most probably going to focus on Dutch … Read moreThe underwear of data science

Do academic vacancies change over time?

The changing nature of work A lot of discussion is happening about how work is changing. Digital tools are becoming increasingly present. Employees need digital skills in order to get their work done. The definition of digital skills is evolving together with the opportunities and challenges digital skills provide. It began with digital skills referring … Read moreDo academic vacancies change over time?

In case all research was for nothing…

In case all research was for nothing, I’m comforted with the knowledge that my oldest had fun “filling out” my survey (The survey is meant for adults working in a hospital). But I think her younger sister helped her this time, so I shouldn’t really trust those ‘self-reported’ answers. (She also loves when I draw … Read moreIn case all research was for nothing…

Delphi study: Asking the Experts

As a PhD candidate in the Netherlands, we have to develop and execute four studies and publish them in┬ájournals listed on SSCI index. Some PhD when they start now exactly the content of the four studies, whereas for others every study is built up on findings of the previous one. In my case, I had … Read moreDelphi study: Asking the Experts

The Delphi Ordeal: How I got into qualitative research

I’m trained in quantitative methods. During my whole education, qualitative research never entered the picture. It was looked down and if interviews are done, you wouldn’t look for themes or patterns, but you’ll end up counting the concepts mentioned and base your analyses on frequencies. When I did my first qualitative study (interviews) in 2009 … Read moreThe Delphi Ordeal: How I got into qualitative research