Types of Social Networks

I’m co-teaching the course Culture, Engagement, and Connectivity in the master Learning of Organization offered by the school of education and public policy at Northwestern’s University. For the virtual office hour I have been asked about what other social networks exists, those that do not involve humans. While my expertise is within human social networks, … Read moreTypes of Social Networks

About Jerks and Negative Nancies at Work

Uber, the hail riding company, has been criticized for its culture and leadership style. Often the negative anecdotes I hear about working at US companies center around the benefits and performance focus, it’s often the interpersonal relationships that have more far stretching consequences, as Uber helps to illustrate. Working at a performance drive company is … Read moreAbout Jerks and Negative Nancies at Work

Social Network Theories

I have often been confronted by colleagues with the argument that social network analysis is only a method. Over time I became more annoyed with that point. Social network analysis goes beyond this. Yes, it is a method, but it is also a perspective, a framework, with which the world can be analyzed. To underline … Read moreSocial Network Theories

Work Engagement Networks

Are you dreading to go to work every morning looking forward to your weekend, maybe secretly looking for other jobs? Or do you have the opposite feelings for your work: Looking forward to the daily work challenges, mundane tasks, and colleagues? Most of us are somewhere in the middle, as different tasks need to be … Read moreWork Engagement Networks

Weak Ties and Creativity

Have you heard about the theory of “strength of weak ties” ? Weak ties are those people with whom you interact rarely. Your acquaintances and colleagues you only talk once a while. Their strengths come from exactly this limited interaction. As you don’t interact often with them, chances are high that they know things you … Read moreWeak Ties and Creativity

Building and Maintaining Information Highways

As our jobs are getting increasingly specialized, the importance of information exchange is increasing. Collaboration is important and will become even more important. Tasks require the expertise of several people, and the final product can only be exceptionally great, if all team members who worked on the task collaborated. Collaboration requires information exchange. Information exchange is about asking … Read moreBuilding and Maintaining Information Highways

What stuck from the Network for Learning Day 2014 (Duisburg, Germany)

Last week was the 2nd Network for Learning Day. The Network for Learning Day was initiated by Sara van Waes (University of Antwerpen), Piet van den Bossche (University of Antwerpen), and Nienke Moolenaar (Utrecht University) as a place for educational scientists (in Europe) who use social network analysis to meet and discuss their research, and … Read moreWhat stuck from the Network for Learning Day 2014 (Duisburg, Germany)