About nurses, doctors, and the lack of teams in hospitals

In a hospital somewhere in the world a nurse and a doctor are fighting. They disagree on how to care for a young girl. The family wants her to be at home, enjoying the time with her, not certain how long they have. The doctor wants to try out a treatment, possibly saving her life, … Read moreAbout nurses, doctors, and the lack of teams in hospitals

How do emergency care teams create knowledge ?

We all have some idea of how interaction in the hospital happens. The doctor gives commands to nurses who report back vital signs and the medical history of the patient. The doctor thinks, gives orders, and finally shouts out the diagnoses. Or maybe you envision the doctor to be young and inexperienced and a nurse taking the … Read moreHow do emergency care teams create knowledge ?

So, what’s your PhD about…

Featured image by “Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham, www.phdcomics.com “Your introduction scares me” my supervisor, a 50+ year old typical introverted researcher, told me after reading the draft of my PhD introduction. “Forget the literature and just write to a general audience, for example, to your grandmother.” Cliche advice I thought. My grandma doesn’t speak … Read moreSo, what’s your PhD about…

Why does nobody talk with you ?

Team’s are omnipresent in organizations. They are today’s foundation for getting work done. At the time of writing this post, a team of stewardesses, pilots, and air traffic controllers make sure that I’m getting safely and well feed to AERA. For teams it is important that they master their task. The team I’m currently observing … Read moreWhy does nobody talk with you ?

Social Identity Complexity at the Workplace

I have been interested for a long time in teams and how they functioning. Over time, I specialized in the topic of knowledge sharing: Why do certain people share and other’s not? And what does need to happen for shared knowledge to be processes and transformed by team members. At the beginning of my PhD I thought … Read moreSocial Identity Complexity at the Workplace

Delphi study Round 1: Order out of Chaos – Creating a coding schema

It’s Thursday 10th April, 14h. Since Tuesday I’m looking at the responses of the first ten respondents from my Delphi study. I think by now I have already spent 16 hours on it and the coding schema is not yet there. The expertise group “Team research” is complicated as some of the answers are very cryptic … Read moreDelphi study Round 1: Order out of Chaos – Creating a coding schema

Impression that Last (Sunbelt2014)

The poster  “Impression that Last” presents initial results on the impact of social identity on a team’s information seeking network. The findings are based on a slice of my data. The full data set contains information about several teams over 3 time waves. Several networks are collected (knowledge, valuing, information allocation and information retrieval). The … Read moreImpression that Last (Sunbelt2014)