My services are designed for individuals, small and medium teams and companies. I apply evidence-based management approaches in my consultation, and love data. But no worries, I always worked at the intersection between core data scientists and decision-makers.

Are your reaching your career goals?

Sometimes we have aspirations for our career, but for whatever reason are not able to make the next step. This can be a move from a technical position to a managerial position, or gaining more responsibility and challenging tasks at work. If you feel like you are not progressing at the speed that you want, I can help you reach your career goals.

Are your team members working together or next to each other?

You might have a solid product, but the relationships between your team members is hurting the performance of your team and company. Relationships are everything. Information flows between team members, leading to innovations, better customer service, more enlightened decisions. Making this invisible map of information flow visible helps you to understand who are your key players. Those who take up mentoring positions, connect the right people with each other, or could become change agents

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Past Research Projects, and Conferences

On professional development topics

How to teach the Unknown. Lelle Conference (June, 2017)

Using Social Networks to Analyze your Position and your Workplace. Park University (July, 2015)

Adaptive Expertise in the Workplace. Park University (April, 2015)

Conducting Social Network Analysis. Maastricht University (February 2014)

On team related topics

Team processes and innovations, Guest lecture for Park University (April, 2018)

Designing a debriefing team training Form focused on team processes for emergency care simulation center, MUMC+ (2015)

Peer-assessment and Social Network analysis in small-scale graduate teams, Surrey University (2012)

How to Design a Problem-Based Learning Course. Park University (May, 2015)

You, your organization, and your network: How thinking in networks can help you and your organization. Chicago Literacy Alliance (March, 2016)

Development and Retention of Field Coordinators, Doctors Without Boarders, Wharton People Analytics Case Competition, Finalist (2016)

Online Course Development: Team Learning and Innovation, Park University (2017)

Online Course Development: Critical Thinking (2015)

Online Problem-based learning: Redesign of an online curriculum for professionals, Park University (2014)

Development of Online Accounting Course, Maastricht University (2012)

The Hospitality Game, Service Science Factory (2010)

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