Delphi study Round 1: Order out of Chaos – Creating a coding schema

It’s Thursday 10th April, 14h. Since Tuesday I’m looking at the responses of the first ten respondents from my Delphi study. I think by now I have already spent 16 hours on it and the coding schema is not yet there. The expertise group “Team research” is complicated as some of the answers are very cryptic … Read moreDelphi study Round 1: Order out of Chaos – Creating a coding schema

The Delphi Ordeal: How I got into qualitative research

I’m trained in quantitative methods. During my whole education, qualitative research never entered the picture. It was looked down and if interviews are done, you wouldn’t look for themes or patterns, but you’ll end up counting the concepts mentioned and base your analyses on frequencies. When I did my first qualitative study (interviews) in 2009 … Read moreThe Delphi Ordeal: How I got into qualitative research

Impression that Last (Sunbelt2014)

The poster  “Impression that Last” presents initial results on the impact of social identity on a team’s information seeking network. The findings are based on a slice of my data. The full data set contains information about several teams over 3 time waves. Several networks are collected (knowledge, valuing, information allocation and information retrieval). The … Read moreImpression that Last (Sunbelt2014)

Chaos in Expertise Research

This is a follow-up on my first post “What is adaptive expertise”. It’s a try to organize my thoughts about expertise research, see what it is all about, and where does adaptive expertise fit into it. I struggled with that question while writing my review study, struggled even more after a couple of short talks … Read moreChaos in Expertise Research

What is Adaptive Expertise

When I came across the term Adaptive Expertise  while writing my PhD research proposal, I thought “yes, that’s it.” So I digged deeper trying to find the article in which the term was originally termed. Hatano and Inagaki (1986) came up with it after their observations. A very good description of Adaptive expertise, related to … Read moreWhat is Adaptive Expertise