Team Development

Your people are your main assets. But people are more difficult to manage than office supplies. Using evidence from team research and insights from social network analysis, we help your team create better collaboration processes and grow.


Leadership Coaching

Your technical skills are great and now you have a leadership position, but are not prepared for it? How can you motivate people? Our leadership coaching uses evidence-based management to make you into a leader.


Career Coaching

Are you a young professional feeling stuck in their career ? Not sure what career direction you should pursue ? My career counseling will help you discover what you want to do. At the end you'll have a portfolio of projects that highlight you skills.


Evidence-based management

My methods are based on evidence from academic literature. Each package has three stages: data collection, recommendation, evaluation.

Data is collected in two steps: Surveys and interviews, as data without context is useless.

Recommendations are customized to your company.

Without evaluation there is no telling what success we achieved together.


Data, data, and data

As a computational social scientists, data is important. But it is not everything. Data needs context, which you provide. You make the data come alive. By using established surveys validated through research we get a baseline understanding of your situation. Combining it with insights from you, adds flesh to the data bones.


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