Not interested in teaching digital skills

The past 11 months I have been researching digital skills and skills necessary to work in a data-driven environment. Specifically, what do business schools do to make sure that their students possess these skills? I used several data sources to answer that question. These three books were extremely helpful during the research: The Text mining … Read moreNot interested in teaching digital skills

What is the mission of universities?

Some time ago, I had a chat with a co-worker. His lecture contract ends this year. The department is happy with his performance. He is happy teaching, even though he has a very high teaching load. His performance is great, he is satisfied with his job. Only one factor, unrelated to productivity, is the cause … Read moreWhat is the mission of universities?

Stimulating Adaptive Expertise

Most individuals chose to attend higher education institutes to set the foundation for becoming an expert. Educational institutions are set up to help individuals achieve this aim. Much expertise development literature focuses on the development of ‘pattern recognition’ as the main path towards expertise. Individuals can make use of various extensively researched activities to achieve … Read moreStimulating Adaptive Expertise

PhDs: Leave your zone of comfort !

In 2014 I went to a conference and saw a number of very interesting presentation in my field. They work was right down my alley. I decided to check out their department and asked the professor if I could visit. After some planning, a lot of logistics, and even more paper work, I began my … Read morePhDs: Leave your zone of comfort !

Boundary Spanners in Education

Boundary spanners search for information in one group (sending group), transform the information, and transmit it to another group (receiving group), which incorporates it into their daily routines. In the picture below the red square in the center is a boundary spanner, as he is part of the red circle nut has also connections (lines) … Read moreBoundary Spanners in Education

Equality in Education – “Distant” Analysis of AERA’s 2014 Brown Lecture

Each year AERA is hosting a lecture, AERA Annual Brown lecture, on the importance of using educational research to advance equality and equity in education. This year James D. Anderson, from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, expert on American education history and desegregation, has been selected. As I was not able to attend the lecture … Read moreEquality in Education – “Distant” Analysis of AERA’s 2014 Brown Lecture