Managing teams under pressure

Right now the pressure is on. I’m sparing you the details of my to-do list. At times that pressure helps to focus, but at other moments it feels overwhelming. My trick for focusing is to turn off all notifications: Email, slack, twitter, Instagram. I let my boss know that I’m offline and give him one … Read moreManaging teams under pressure

What is Learning?

Have you ever wondered what learning is and how to measure if it happened sufficiently? You might. But if you didn’t, don’t worry. It’s one of those ubiquitous things in life that just ‘is’. However in specific circumstances it is important to know what learning is. A definition of what learning is and is not, … Read moreWhat is Learning?

People Analytics: Enabling job crafting to create engaged employees

Contribution by Professor Amber Dailey-Hebert For years, around 1/3 of the US workforce feels engaged with their work. In other words, 2 out of 3 of your colleagues are not engaged in their work. This means they do not like their job at your company. This is not just a US problem, but a global one. The lowest level … Read morePeople Analytics: Enabling job crafting to create engaged employees

Chaos in Expertise Research

This is a follow-up on my first post “What is adaptive expertise”. It’s a try to organize my thoughts about expertise research, see what it is all about, and where does adaptive expertise fit into it. I struggled with that question while writing my review study, struggled even more after a couple of short talks … Read moreChaos in Expertise Research