Managing teams under pressure

Right now the pressure is on. I’m sparing you the details of my to-do list. At times that pressure helps to focus, but at other moments it feels overwhelming. My trick for focusing is to turn off all notifications: Email, slack, twitter, Instagram. I let my boss know that I’m offline and give him one … Read moreManaging teams under pressure

Let’s not benchmark

Benchmarking is comparing one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies (Wikipedia) The goal is to measure how well one is doing compared to the industry’s best, to discover why they are the best, and to copy. But in here lies the problem. When you copy a competitors … Read moreLet’s not benchmark

Teams create knowledge like workers build houses

Archimedes Eureka moment, finding out how to measure the volume of irregular objects, is well-known for two reasons: (1) He apparently ran naked through the streets and (2) he connected a personal experience (seeing the water swap over the edges) to the problem of how to assess the purity of the irregular gold crown of … Read moreTeams create knowledge like workers build houses

How do emergency care teams create knowledge ?

We all have some idea of how interaction in the hospital happens. The doctor gives commands to nurses who report back vital signs and the medical history of the patient. The doctor thinks, gives orders, and finally shouts out the diagnoses. Or maybe you envision the doctor to be young and inexperienced and a nurse taking the … Read moreHow do emergency care teams create knowledge ?