What is Learning?

Have you ever wondered what learning is and how to measure if it happened sufficiently? You might. But if you didn’t, don’t worry. It’s one of those ubiquitous things in life that just ‘is’. However in specific circumstances it is important to know what learning is. A definition of what learning is and is not, … Read moreWhat is Learning?

How to Teach the Unknown

The slides are available via slideshare. On June 1st I was invited to speak as a panel member at the LELLE conference. The conference was part of the EU funded research project ‘Let’s learn to Learn’ . I titled my talk “How to teach the unknown“. A bit of a mouthful. I introduced the talk … Read moreHow to Teach the Unknown

Let’s not benchmark

Benchmarking is comparing one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies (Wikipedia) The goal is to measure how well one is doing compared to the industry’s best, to discover why they are the best, and to copy. But in here lies the problem. When you copy a competitors … Read moreLet’s not benchmark

PhDs: Leave your zone of comfort !

In 2014 I went to a conference and saw a number of very interesting presentation in my field. They work was right down my alley. I decided to check out their department and asked the professor if I could visit. After some planning, a lot of logistics, and even more paper work, I began my … Read morePhDs: Leave your zone of comfort !

A plea for Academic Leadership Courses

This plea is not going to bode well with many academics. “How dare this young researcher – until now without credentials – tell us how to do our job?” might they say. But the reason is simple and everyone who is not in academia would agree with me. It is well-known that people do not quit … Read moreA plea for Academic Leadership Courses

What stuck from the Network for Learning Day 2014 (Duisburg, Germany)

Last week was the 2nd Network for Learning Day. The Network for Learning Day was initiated by Sara van Waes (University of Antwerpen), Piet van den Bossche (University of Antwerpen), and Nienke Moolenaar (Utrecht University) as a place for educational scientists (in Europe) who use social network analysis to meet and discuss their research, and … Read moreWhat stuck from the Network for Learning Day 2014 (Duisburg, Germany)