Managing teams under pressure

Right now the pressure is on. I’m sparing you the details of my to-do list. At times that pressure helps to focus, but at other moments it feels overwhelming. My trick for focusing is to turn off all notifications: Email, slack, twitter, Instagram. I let my boss know that I’m offline and give him one … Read moreManaging teams under pressure

Not interested in teaching digital skills

The past 11 months I have been researching digital skills and skills necessary to work in a data-driven environment. Specifically, what do business schools do to make sure that their students possess these skills? I used several data sources to answer that question. These three books were extremely helpful during the research: The Text mining … Read moreNot interested in teaching digital skills

The underwear of data science

For those who follow my research series, yes, I’m still analzying academic vacancies for an upcoming conference, but it takes far too long to run the ERGM model, so in frustration I’ doing something simpler until I found a way to do what I wanted to do. I’m most probably going to focus on Dutch … Read moreThe underwear of data science

Let’s not benchmark

Benchmarking is comparing one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies (Wikipedia) The goal is to measure how well one is doing compared to the industry’s best, to discover why they are the best, and to copy. But in here lies the problem. When you copy a competitors … Read moreLet’s not benchmark

Strong Ties and Creativity

If you look for help on how to be more creative, the standard advise is to combine existing knowledge, tools, programs – you name it – in a new way. That’s what Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee argue in The Second Machine Age. But the same message is taught by Frans Johnsson in The Medici … Read moreStrong Ties and Creativity

Ants and Social Science: Why Ants are awesome

When you are in the social science funding is always an issue. Let me correct this: When you do research funding is always an issue (who doesn’t want to have more money, regardless of your discipline or industry). But less funding is given to the social science as governments consider these fields to be less … Read moreAnts and Social Science: Why Ants are awesome

Shady practices in scholarly work

Sometimes when I seek distraction I scroll through the tweets mentioning #overlyhonestmethods . It is a hashtag used by scientists to admit their methods. It’s amusing, but it’s openness reveals to the reader the less well-known “dark” side of academia (@beckieport made a collection of those tweets). Not everything we do in the name of … Read moreShady practices in scholarly work

The opposing structures of knowledge donating and collecting

Sometimes I wonder if I annoy friends and colleagues when I start a sentence with “Research has shown … “. Sometimes nothing happens out of this and I feel like talking to deaf ears. But I persist. I persist because I think these nuggets of knowledge are important. Maybe not now, but once they will … Read moreThe opposing structures of knowledge donating and collecting