Social Network Theories

I have often been confronted by colleagues with the argument that social network analysis is only a method. Over time I became more annoyed with that point. Social network analysis goes beyond this. Yes, it is a method, but it is also a perspective, a framework, with which the world can be analyzed. To underline … Read moreSocial Network Theories

Strong Ties and Creativity

If you look for help on how to be more creative, the standard advise is to combine existing knowledge, tools, programs – you name it – in a new way. That’s what Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee argue in The Second Machine Age. But the same message is taught by Frans Johnsson in The Medici … Read moreStrong Ties and Creativity

How to Create and Sustain your Startup: Wisdom from Team Science

Successful collaboration are not the result of random encounters. They are not. Encounters that appear like coincidences are in reality the workings of social network mechanisms. I don’t mean social networks as in social networks sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), but as in the connection between individuals, connections that existed well before network sites visualized┬áthese connections … Read moreHow to Create and Sustain your Startup: Wisdom from Team Science

Boundary Spanners in Education

Boundary spanners search for information in one group (sending group), transform the information, and transmit it to another group (receiving group), which incorporates it into their daily routines. In the picture below the red square in the center is a boundary spanner, as he is part of the red circle nut has also connections (lines) … Read moreBoundary Spanners in Education

Equality in Education – “Distant” Analysis of AERA’s 2014 Brown Lecture

Each year AERA is hosting a lecture, AERA Annual Brown lecture, on the importance of using educational research to advance equality and equity in education. This year James D. Anderson, from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, expert on American education history and desegregation, has been selected. As I was not able to attend the lecture … Read moreEquality in Education – “Distant” Analysis of AERA’s 2014 Brown Lecture